Germany Tourist Visa

Is it easy to get visa in Germany?

Those who do need a Tourist Visa for Germany should obtain one via the German consulate in their home country. Tourist Visas do not have the same requirements as the other main visas, but are as follows: Proof of accommodation (e.g. hotel booking) Travel insurance.

How to apply for visa to Germany from Karachi?

In order to apply for a visa you need an appointment (one per applicant; no reservation of multiple appointment dates for the same person allowed). Please note that all visa appointments at the German Missions in Pakistan can only be booked 

What is the minimum bank balance for Schengen visa Germany?
€50 per day
Generally, the applicant should have at least €50 per day for their stay in the Schengen area. Proof of sufficient funds can be demonstrated in different ways, including bank statements, a sponsorship letter from a sponsor, traveler's cheques, and credit card statements.
How many entries should I request for Schengen visa?
Schengen visas allow to make one-entry, two-entries or multi-entries. With one-entry visa you can travel the Schengen area only once. It is indicated in your visa as “01”. With two-entries or multi-entries you can respectively travel to the Schengen area twice or several times during the visa validity period.


















1. All Passports Original

2. CNIC Scan

3. FRC

4. MRC

5. NTN & Returns

6. Property Documents (Optional)

7. Bank Statement last 6 Month with stamp and sign & Account Maintenance Letter 

8. Visa Request letter 

9. Hotel Reservation Confirmed

10. Air Ticket only Booking 

11. School Documents for the children 

12. Insurance 2 month

13. 2 picture white background matt finish size 35 x 45 mm